And here’s a dramatic turnaround from the solemn nature of my previous post. *Ahem* excuse me while I get this one out of my system…


My Summer of Code application this year made it! Exultation! All the more sweet after the vivid bitterness of last year’s failure. So I shall be working this summer towards the conceptualization and creation of a sensible system tray for Plasma Mobile, and the excitement I feel, at being allowed the chance of contributing to the ongoing work to bring KDE to the mobile space, could hardly be overstated. Needless to say, this will be an awesome summer for me :)

Another cool fact: all the (other two) Plasmaters also landed their respective projects this year. Congratz guys! (Yes I spontaneously coined the term “Plasmaters”. I think I like it though)

And a final not so cool fact: Plasmate has been piling dusts of neglect ever since school started going crazy on me. Apparently the others have been busy too – I just went and did an update but it didn’t pull any changes. So much for a beta in April. I guess Plasmate’s gonna need a little summer love too alongside my cool GSoC project :)

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