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Nextcloud Plugin for QuickShare

So after a long hiatus I chose the Plasma QuickShare applet (which is sort of the Plasma5 replacement for the old Pastebin Plasmoid) as my point of re-entry into KDE code work. There was after all a deal of itches there I wanted scratched. It’s been quite a bit of fun figuring out the various interesting frameworks QuickShare is connected to at the backend. Anyways, some days ago I got a rudimentary Nextcloud plugin past review and pushed it, which should mean it’ll soon be coming to a 5.10-powered desktop near you :)

  • Let’s you upload files/text snippets/clipboard data onto your Nextcloud directly from your Plasma Desktop!
  • Uploads to the root folder by default “/”, but it’s possible to specify another folder by typing.
  • Supports all types of files/contents that the QuickShare applet currently supports, though raw clipboard data (like image data) don’t work too well because it doesn’t get the right file extension on server.
  • Automatically appends numbers to the filename to avoid overwriting an identically named file in the target location

It uses the KAccounts framework so you’ll need to create an ‘owncloud’ account in the “Online Accounts” settings module in order to use it (you can click the button on the applet to open the settings module). So far it’s been tested to work with a Nextcloud 11 instance, though it’s mostly WebDAV so it should work for previous versions as well.

Uploaded items should be private by default for now as it does not create shares out of them. This is probably what I’ll look into working on next.

If you’re not familiar with QuickShare, it’s a Plasma Applet that sits on your desktop and lets you share/move a file, or multiple files, or arbitrary clipboard contents, to various places (eg Pastebin, your mobile device via KDE Connect, Imgur, Youtube – and now Nextcloud!). You could either drag and drop the items you want shared onto the applet, or you could copy and paste.

Apart from fixing some crash situations and HiDPI hijinks with the applet, I also improved QuickShare’s keyboard navigation support, so it should be overall more friendly come 5.10. Notably, the keyboard shortcut setting actually does activate the plasmoid now, and the plugin list is now navigable with keyboard arrow keys.

To share a file from Dolphin, say, it is now possible to, with the file selected on Dolphin, ctrl+c, hit QuickShare’s keyboard shortcut binding to show the share plugin list, choose one with the keyboard arrow keys, and select by hitting enter.

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  1. Mladen

    Awesome! Thanks for your work!

  2. Kirk

    Very impressive! Thank you for all the work.

  3. Fantastic advancement, Jason — the more integration directly into the desktop the better. No wonder Frank himself picked up on this plugin. :)

  4. Blizzz

    > It uses the KAccounts framework so you’ll need to create an ‘owncloud’ account in the “Online Accounts” settings module in order to use it (you can click the button on the applet to open the settings module).

    Hm, I do not have such an option in Online Accounts despite extra/kaccounts-integration and extra/kaccounts-providers being installed… am I missing what?

    • Jason "moofang"

      hey, are you on Plasma 5.10 onwards?

      • Blizzz

        Yes, 5.10.2

        • Jason "moofang"

          Hmm, do you actually have the QuickShare plugin installed? You’ll need that as well to be able to see the owncloud account type. That should be in plasma-addons I think.

          • Blizzz

            Yes, QuickShare is installed (kdeplasma-addons 5.10.2) and can be added to the panel. According to /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.quickshare/metadata.json the version of QuickShare is 2.0.

          • Jason "moofang"

            Hmmm are you on Neon user? It does look like somehow the Nextcloud upload KAccounts service file isn’t packaged anywhere for some reason. Might be a packaging issue and probably a bug can be filed for this. When I have time I’ll try to look for the proper channels.

            In the meantime, if you’d like a workaround, you could try copying the contents of this file:

            Into /usr/share/accounts/services/kde/nextcloud-upload.service, and see if that makes it work.

  5. Blizzz

    I am on Antergos, and if I am not mistaken then they fetch it from the Arch repos. kaccounts-providers contains a /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kaccounts/ui/ file, and also /usr/share/accounts/providers/kde/owncloud.provider. But no services subfolder nor file.

  6. Hi,

    It’s not working anymore I’m on Kubuntu 18.04.1. When I paste a test image using Nextcloud plugin, it promot with error.

    this website does not requrie a login.. (yes/no)

    before you can click anything, the window disappeared, and the quick icon changed to a big ‘cross’ which means failed.

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  9. Remarkably interesting, thanks a bunch!

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