More Android school-comedy goodness! And yes, this thing is still ongoing, so we can expect yet more in future. I’ll be monitoring this loosely and will most likely continue to translate future strips as well. After all it’s something I’ve never really done before and it’s somewhat fun, without being too much of a chore.

Episode 1 is here and episode 2 through 4 are here.

Hit the jump for translations for 05/06 and an omake. Like all Japanese manga, this should be read right to left, top to bottom.

Episode 5: Gut(circuit board)-deep Transparency is the Cutting Edge!

Notes: This referring to the transparent-midriffed Sony Ericsson Xperia S. Incidentally, Hiromi also has a translation of this chapter at Nabe!!.

Episode 6: Go go reborn au-club!

Notes: If Moto Rora-chan’s bra looked familiar, you probably recognized it.


Apparently in the wake of an announcement about “Disney Mobile on Docomo”, two new characters were introduced, with a dialogue of sorts to go with them too. Translations follow:

Ah that’s nice, that’s cute!
Move your head over a little.. ah, that expression is great.
Alright, pose!

Alright thanks for your time!

Matsushita Pana: “Hey Tooru-chan, your boobs are actually pretty big, aren’t they!”
Fuji Tooru: “That’s not true (embarassed) And Pana-chan is so slim and girlish. You’re even great at washing and doing housework and such…”
Pana: “You’re calling me a w-washboard!? that’s mean Tooru-chan”
Tooru: “Aaaaa I didn’t say that!”

Notes: Pana-chan refers to Panasonic, and Matsushita is apparently Panasonic’s old name. Fuji Tooru is Fujitsu, with the “tsu”(通) pronounced “Tooru”. Also, in her first spoken line, Pana calls Tooru a パイオツ カイデー, “PaiOh Kaide”, which (as I just only found out) is actually “Oppai Dekai”, or “big boobs”, flipped around. Apparently there is a fad with flipping words around like that. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I’m not game enough to think up some clever english pun to use as a translation for this, so have this TL-note instead.

Sources for these episodes are here, here and here.
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