Between Linux and Anime

Kind of like Schrodinger's Cat

Misfortune begets… expenditure

Between being swamped with work under very, very hot weather conditions and struggling with steadily worsening laptop screen problems (which, significantly, has the terrifying effect of depriving me of life-giving anime), my weakened will and battered spirit has succumbed to the demands of my greedier self.

I bought an LCD monitor today.

(doesn’t Plasma look gorgeous on it though?)

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Hosting blues… again


Haruue.. Eri nano~


  1. Zhiwei

    AH you have fallen. What happened to being thrifty? Screen looks gorgeous though. 21inches? Haha, incidentally, the problem of finding a decent display system for anime night has been solve. :P

  2. Jason "moofang"

    I guess it indeed has, though its only 19 inches :) Now all we need is HD Summer Wars or something. And a convenient weekend where we aren’t being pwned by werk.

  3. Lucky, I am still staring at an 11 year old CRT monitor that has all the dark colors painfully washed out.

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