Between Linux and Anime

Kind of like Schrodinger's Cat

I demand you all download Thunderbird 3 nao!

Because I’m in it!

I made it onto the credits list!

:) I can’t believe it, considering I only had what three fixes to my credit? Thank you for the mention and the fuzzy feelings it brings, Thunderbird! Talk about Christmas coming early.

Anyway, for those of you under a rock, Thunderbird 3 has at long last been unleashed, armed with quite an impressive slew of features and enhancements too. Go get it while it’s hot!

And damn, this sure makes me feel bad about slacking off near the end. Guess I gotta start kicking myself a little and also keep my KDE love affair in check. I’ve got a few bugs I was supposed to fix that are currently lazing around hiatusing, and I guess its about time I got back to them.

Now if only I didn’t have so many other things to do.. :(

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  1. Fine Geeze. I’ll upgrade…

    Upgraded :).

  2. Sorry dude, Thunderbird is a little heavy for my crappy desktop. I can’t have an email client hogging up valuable resources.

  3. Jason "moofang"

    @ Dustin : Haha, don’t need to take me too seriously there, I was just wallowing in the revelation for a bit ^^

    Still, upgrading is good for you :D It’s a pretty great release.

    @ dai1313: whoa, you must run pretty old hardware to have trouble running Thunderbird-level apps, even when you’re already on openbox. Or are you one of those speed/memory consumption perfectionists? :P

  4. No, i’m not really a perfectionist, but I think that I don’t need my EMAIL client of all things to slow it down. If it is something like web browsing(chrome is really medium weight) or chatting(pidgin has overhead), then I will use whatever fits my needs.

    If I really were a memory perfectionist I would write a script or something to telnet to the mailserver at look for new emails.

    If I really were a speed perfectionist I would not be using an ubuntu based disto. I’d be using a slax based or puppy.

    I like the responsiveness of openbox, but I also like the ability to really get down and dirty with the conifg, andbytheway pipemenus are awesome.

  5. Woot, congrats :D

  6. Jason "moofang"

    @ dai1313: Hmmm, I see. Well, I didn’t used to use an email client too, but then my university uses Outlook to manage our university email accounts and Outlook’s web-interface is ATROCIOUS for anything other than Internet Explorer, so I started using Thunderbird to manage it instead. I dunno it doesn’t really count as heavy in my book (you should see the terrifying things I had to run interning at IBM), and I usually close it after I’m done checking my mail :P

    @ WindPower: Thanks! :)

  7. Oh, I DO use an email client.

    It’s called Claws.

    It was previously known as Sylpheed-Claws which I think is a over 9000 times better name than just Claws.

    Heh, I complain about the stupidest little things.

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