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Associating Firefox Profiles with KDE Activities

As a heavy user of the Activities feature, I’ve always had two major itches. One was addressed when KDE 4.9 finally brought the ability to set activity window rules. The other was how only some applications had the necessary (XSMP) compliance to work properly with activities and its session restoring – in particular, a lack of compliant web browsers.

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Fixing Funny Image Colors in Firefox on OpenSUSE 11.3

Actually I don’t know if this affects other Linux systems or even other operating systems, apparently it has something to do with the way newer Firefoxes handle colors. Anyway, what happens is that Firefox renders some images properly, but renders some others with incorrect colors. This behaviour can be fixed by changing some of Firefox’s config values. Instructions as follows:

  1. Get into the config interface by opening a tab in Firefox and keying in “about:config” into the address bar. Read the warning and continue.
  2. Look for gfx.color_management.mode and set its value to 0, and then look for gfx.color_management.rendering_intent and set its value to -1.
  3. Restart Firefox


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I demand you all download Thunderbird 3 nao!

Because I’m in it!

I made it onto the credits list!

:) I can’t believe it, considering I only had what three fixes to my credit? Thank you for the mention and the fuzzy feelings it brings, Thunderbird! Talk about Christmas coming early.

Anyway, for those of you under a rock, Thunderbird 3 has at long last been unleashed, armed with quite an impressive slew of features and enhancements too. Go get it while it’s hot!

And damn, this sure makes me feel bad about slacking off near the end. Guess I gotta start kicking myself a little and also keep my KDE love affair in check. I’ve got a few bugs I was supposed to fix that are currently lazing around hiatusing, and I guess its about time I got back to them.

Now if only I didn’t have so many other things to do.. :(

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Don’t yell at your developers! ~ a small rant

People who use community-developed, open source software need to acquaint themselves with a very important principle – everyone has equal responsibility towards the state of the product, because everyone is able to contribute and people who do contribute do it voluntarily.

Don’t get angry and take it out on the contributers when you want a feature and it fails to happen – especially the “LOOK OUTLOOK HAS IT” kind. None of us are any more obliged to spend our time implementing your feature than you are. You are not a customer, and we are not here to serve you. We are a community, and the responsibility for ensuring and improving the quality of our product lies evenly spread upon our joint shoulders.

Some of us have spent hours and hours of our own free time learning how to fix bugs, develop features, triage bugs, write documentation or make any other innumerable kinds of contribution to the community project. The absolute least you can do if you don’t want to learn to join us is to keep your tongue in check when talking to the people who have taken the time off to work on the stuff you use.

And please do not say that something is “easy“. If you actually know that it is easy, please just fix it. If you don’t really know, then please don’t sum up hours of someone else’s effort with that one unflattering, inconsiderate, and completely useless word.

Thank you.

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