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Ubunchu 03 ~ Halp! I’ve been Moefied!

Me to a Tee.

So the third installment of the free manga series dedicated to that great Linux distribution is finally out (Update: get it in all available languages here). And it seems like this time around the author has his arrow aimed at the small category in geekdom that I happen to belong to.

Yes, the category that would sooner spend the next 6 hours Googling and reading and hacking on instinct and trying random dangerous things before they would consider mounting a question in irc or a user forum.

And gods forbid she’s MOE! How despicable! How unspeakable! (´Д` )

Excuse me for a bit but I need to fanboy a little more over ms CLI wielding, Slackware infatuated, forum-ophobic geek-tsundere-chan.


Do I sense that I have lost some respect points? :(

Anyway, another fun chapter, though its starting to get to the point where you only fully appreciate it if you have some basic Linux experience. Jokes aside, I can really kind of empathize with Akane’s reluctance to post her predicament on the support forums, even though I (being a relatively recent Linux adopter) never actually got flamed and RTFM’d before. There is this morbid fear of inadvertently asking a stupid question, and it compels me to do whatever I can to solve my own problems as far as possible.

Hmmm, now that I think of it, it might also have something to do with a habit cultivated by the rareness of Desktop Linux where I live (Southeast Asia is pretty much a Windows stronghold). Practically nobody supports Linux here because there are so few of us. And if you dared to raise any kind of technical question at all to your school help desk, your computer manufacturer, your tech support folks, or even your module professor, you almost always get grimaces when they discover that you are one of those ‘errant’ people who run that arcane operating system – Linux. And they are almost guaranteed to have no clue what to do with you and you’ll need to solve your own problems anyway (and occassionally fight their demands for you to switch back to that other OS. Sigh). After awhile I guess you get used to it.

Back on topic, I’ve read somewhere before that in order to get Linux gurus to give you real help, you need to flame Linux until they get mad and indignantly start showing you how wrong you are. The point of this chapter though, and a good point at that, is that those days are fast going – in fact in more popular communities like Ubuntu’s, it’s practically long gone (I know, I’ve seen some stupid questions being asked in the Ubuntu forums that nonetheless get very sweet responses). This doesn’t mean you should go and post unresearched questions and make people cringe though. Just be polite, and always try to include as much information on your problem as you can. If your thread doesn’t elicit responses, that’s actually normal and happens from time to time so don’t take it badly. Bump your thread politely, do some more reading, add more information, or pop a visit to IRC. You’ll eventually get a response.

And for the experienced users, there are still people in many parts of the world that are second / third class citizens due to their choice of operating system. But the beauty of open source is that we support our own, and that includes people as well as software. Let’s make it a point to go out of our way to give a hand to folks who need help with their fledgling steps.

*Snaps awake* Oh dear, how did this turn into such a serious post? Oh well :) A couple more random thoughts to end off ~

Akane in Unix-land since primary school? Holy I can’t imagine how and why but, GAR!

KDE makes a guest appearance! Kubunchu anyone?

Why Intrepid? We’re two releases ahead of 8.10 now. Or is it that the Japanese localised version is a little behind the english release?

I also downloaded the original Japanese version for kicks. Anyone else thinks the translations are a little on the not-so-accurate side, especially what Lisa said in the previous pic? Then again, I barely know my moonspeak, so maybe its just me.

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Don’t yell at your developers! ~ a small rant


I demand you all download Thunderbird 3 nao!


  1. “Do I sense that I have lost some respect points? :(”

    Lol! Man I think I’ve been losing respect points steadily since the Yin/Kiko bath picture. I’m glad someone is sinking down to my level because it gets awfully lonely.

    Nice post, I think I need to read the three chapters of this manga. It just looks epic. Now to spend the three hours before my second final actually studying again.

  2. Jason "moofang"

    I should warn you that you shouldn’t expect Ubunchu to rival the more popular manga out there. It’s mainly just light and pleasant entertainment, and makes Linux users go ‘aha! I see wat u did thar’. And in the spirit of the system it seeks to portray, it’s free (in multiple senses) too!

    Oh, and it’s probably over by now, but good luck for your final!

  3. Ha, I was on the french translation team for episodes 2 and 3 :D
    The KDE guest appearance was only added by one of the english translators; it’s not officially part of the manga. Still, woot woot KDE <333

  4. Jason "moofang"

    Yeah, I read the Jap version and noticed, but like you said it’s still cool :P We can has moar of it just for kicks?

    Haha, I wish I knew enough moonspeak to be able to be part of a translation team. Gotta go benkyou moar.

    On a semi-related note, I can’t believe I forgot to include a link to the chapters. Fixed. I phail so hard :(

  5. Hi! Thanks for the awesome review. ^__~

    [and yes, I wanted to make sure “Kubunchu” showed up at least somewhere… maybe one day I’ll bring “Xubunchu” on board too, lol] ^^’

    I actually help with the English translation edits, and I can tell you the version you reviewed (ver2) is still incomplete — some of the text was not finalized (at least by me) and none of the sound effects were recreated yet. I finished these up yesterday so feel free to give this version a quick glance:

    And agreed, who wouldn’t love a CLI wielding, Slackware Infatuated, Forum-ophobic Geek-Tsundere-chan? ^___^

    And as for your last question,…

    Well, the author started working on this episode since late last year. Ep4 is already dealing with Jaunty, and Eps 5 and 6 have already been published in Japan so I imagine at least one of them must revolve around Karmic. ^^

  6. Oh, and you can be part of the translation team, you know. ;)

    The majority of the Japanese to Engrish translation is done by Seotch-san [the author] himself, plus members of the Ubuntu Japanese LoCo Team. Most of the time Doc and I are just doing Engrish > English clean-up and transliteration. Aside from redrawing sound effects, I probably spend more time drawing the instructional page (which has become something of a tradition). :P

  7. Jason "moofang"

    Whoa so you did the instructional page? I think it’s awesome, great work! Hmmm, I’d actually like to be able to help out if there’s something I can do, but I dunno, I’m not sure how much time I can commit with school coming back soon in full force. I know nothing at this point too ^^

    I’ll see, thanks for commenting and answering my queries! ;)

  8. hehe, well the instructional pageS, since I also did the ones for Eps 1 and 2. You can check their original SVGs in their respective source files — aside from the heavy soft shading on the chibis, they really weren’t hard to produce in Inkscape. ^^

    And you actually are helping out by blogging about Ubunchu (have you also checked this out, btw? ), so no need to feel like you don’t. However, if you do ever change your mind about editing and stuff, feel free to drop us a line in Seotch-san’s main site.

    I monitor that spot religiously, lol. :P

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