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Hana no Android Gakuen Special 2 English Translated

It’s been a really long time I know. Unsurprisingly, I got busy, and the knowledge that Android Gakuen will no longer be available as online strips was basically fatal to my motivation for a long time. For those who are not aware: after 13 initial strips plus 4 ‘Specials’ that were made available at the Weekly Ascii website, the rest of Android Gakuen is basically print-only, which means that I can no longer translate and make them available here unless someone could provide scans.

I still however do get a lot of hits from people seeking Android Gakuen translated strips, so I’ve decided that I should at least finish translating everything that is available. So I went to work again, and here’s Special number 2! I’ll try to get Specials 3 and 4 done within the next month, and with that finally bring some deserved closure to this whole endeavor :)

Look for translations of previous chapters in the category archives.

Hit the jump for the translated strip. Like all Japanese manga, this should be read right to left, top to bottom.

Notes: Of course, this is all very old news now. This strip was released nearly two years ago IIRC. For those confused about the random ‘Aru’ that Hwawei chan keeps throwing out, that’s just a kind of talking style, commonly, I believe, associated with chinese-y characters (think Kagura for those of you familiar with Gintama). Also, for those of you who need reminding, Fuji Tooru is Fujitsu, Tooru being an alternative way to say the ‘通’ kanji.

Sources are here.
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These translations are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    So I put my phone in a sandwich sized zip-lock bag.

    This is completely pointless because if I drop it in the lake I am never going to see it again anyway.

    • Jason "moofang"

      Well, there’s the potential case where your phone gets wet without actually falling into the lake. For example there is also the possibility of YOU falling into the lake, whereupon assuming you are capable of taking yourself back to dry land and not drown, your phone in your pocket would have been saved bythe zip-lock ;)

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