Pic mostly unrelated, unfortunately.

And that post title just flowed its merry way out of my typing fingers like it owned the place, causing me to gag in an uncontrolled, appalled fashion at its terrible cheesiness.

Anyway, as you might hopefully have guessed from the cheesy title, I have decided randomly to make a recording of myself playing stuff on my tragically neglected piano, a feat long adrift within the realms of impossibility due to a critical lack of passable video cameras. With my recent acquisition of a shiny new Nokia N900 though, that shortcoming has at long last found itself addressed. Somewhat. Anyway so without further ado, here are two Anisongs on piano, wrought by yours truly, that you can torture your ears with during your idle times :D

Tori no Uta (OP to Air TV)

Only my Railgun (OP to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)

On the off chance that anyone might be disappointed that this isn’t in fact my long overdue Angel Beats post – it’s coming, I hope. Rapidly catching up on my backlogs for that show now, and it definitely deserves something. Just hope I get to do it sooner rather than later.

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