Between Linux and Anime

Kind of like Schrodinger's Cat


Back online, on a new host. This sucks.

(When I can earn a living I am so paying for hosting.)

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  1. :O Which hosting provider are you using now?

  2. Oh Konata, how you epitomize the Otaku.

    Sorry to see and hear of your hosting woes yet again.

  3. Soon this will become a blog about how the blog does not work.

  4. Jason "moofang"

    @ idyllictux: 000webhost =/

    @ Dustin: hehe, its getting a little embarassing. Thanks again tho.

    @ dai1313: nooooooooooo :(

  5. Well, I’d be happy to share some of my hosting plan if you want to. I’m using the shared hosting plan from Dreamhost (

    I don’t know your whole host-switching path, but I suppose you already have some experiences with being hosted at some random individual’s shared host and then said individual disappeared and your files along with it… Oh well, your call.

    Paid hosting IS worth it :D

  6. Jason "moofang"

    @ Windpower: thanks. Actually I haven’t shared hosting with anyone yet. It’s fine, I just need to eck out an existence until I gain a steady source of income and buy paid hosting, which should be in half to one years time..

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