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The skirt-lift that speaks ~ Railgun 12

Mild spoilers ahead!


I know it’s like two weeks late but what a beautiful end of arc right there. I wrote not long ago about how the uniqueness of the character relationships is the central draw of the series for me. Well, we came back full circle here at the end. I held my breath when Uiharu went up to meet a recovered Saten, and when they defined the moment with the skirt lift that was immediate gold for me. And then pan to Misaka and Kuroko for that necessary bit of Yuri cheek. For me it’s not just good fun there’s something amazing about these familiar acts. A channel through which feelings incommunicable in regular language could be delivered. Remember what I said about these little surface comedic interactions having developed latent, deeper meanings? Great, satisfying affirmation right there. And ooh that amazing amazing song in the background..

Is this show perfect? No. Does everything make sense? No. Are there flaws? Tonnes. But is it enjoyable? Hell Friggin yeah. And that indescribable, familiar glow it leaves you with at the end of the episode. Here’s that oft-quoted, cliched remark again: Reminds me of why I love anime.

*happy sigh* Okay! Back to clearing the backlogs.

PS. What what what what? Did I just hear that this show is gonna be two seasons long? Champaign anyone?

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  1. Yep you sure did. Keiri rights some pretty decent (and when I say decent I mean I like them a lot) posts about it over at but you’re probably still so far behind I shouldn’t even mention this ;). Good luck catching up.

    Aside: I can’t believe you haven’t seen Bakemonogatari, it is so amazing. I really can’t believe you haven’t seen ghost in the shell… sigh…

  2. Jason "moofang"

    Eh? I’ve seen (and blogged!) Bakemonogatari! Well, at least up till the latest episode understaffed Shaft managed to put out. And I fully intend to get to Ghost in the Shell too in some time >.< But hey, I like being able to think that there're still plenty of great shows waiting for me, so I'm taking my time with the 'old classics'. And thanks for the recommendation. I'm 'up to date' now with the anime and I haven't decided if I would read the manga but I'll check out the blog anyway :)

  3. Oh you have, my bad XD. I thought I read that you hadn’t somewhere and I was about to be appalled, but now that I think about it I do remember your Senjogahara fascination post way back in the recesses of my memory.

    I’m hitting up some old shows too based off another bloggers list of the best shows in the 00’s. It’s pretty hit and miss though, I thought Sister Princess was ok, but nothing to write home about. What is the list of classics BTW? I would like to know just in case I’m missing something.

  4. Jason "moofang"

    Hehe, rabid Senjougahara fanboys prowl the vicinity when the show was on and I would have been hounded to death if I wasn’t paying their goddess due respect ^^

    Embarassingly I’ve tried variously to keep and maintain an actual to-watch list but none of them ever really worked out or lasted, so I end up thinking of what to watch next as I finish the previous series :roll: Let me try to construct a list anyway *peeks at other people’s blogs*

    Ghost in the Shell (obviously)
    Gurren Lagann (haven’t finished, don’t be appalled)
    Index (second chance since I enjoyed Railgun)
    Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo
    Ouran host club (not finished)
    School Days (MAY watch for the legendary end)
    Shana 2 (since I watched 1)
    Mai Otome
    FMP (I only watched fumoffu and TSR)
    Macross 7 (maybe)
    Ah My Goddess
    Black Lagoon (your post looked interesting)
    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (yes. Don’t choke)

    Well, those should last me quite a bit already. Many of these aren’t exactly ‘old classics’ by most standards but hey anything before 2007 is sort of old for me :)

  5. Negima: The manga’s way better (the anime is hard to watch)
    Gurren Lagann: I can’t even comment
    Ouran host club: Definitely unique and very good.
    Ah my Goddess: I got so bored during the first episode I gave up
    Black Lagoon: This is a must watch

    Hmm, some of the others I haven’t heard of yet, but I guess I’ll have to go take a look.

    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Is good for a few episodes but gets kind of boring if you’re trying to marathon them.

  6. Jason "moofang"

    Oh? People have been giving me the impression that Zetsubou Sensei is legendary :P Oh well, people’s tastes differ, so there’s good chance that I won’t like a number of shows I listed too. These are just sort of ‘I should probably check it out’ shows.

  7. 2 seasons? Oh my. That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. I really do love Railgun, much better than the somewhat questionable Index series.

  8. Jason "moofang"

    Yeah indeed! I was just wondering to myself how many more eps we’re gonna get, being convinced that the end of the level upper arc was more or less THE end. And then voila!

    I’m in fact contemplating giving Index a second chance (I dropped it) after enjoying Railgun so much. Thanks for dropping by btw :)

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