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Gift too far?

These short little moments so simple and true
So full of deep relish, and bursting with hue
Oh were it that I could cast it in spell
How dearly I wish I could give this to you

That this wash of warm musings could water your wounds
This flash of swift radiance could run your soul through
This assuring glow, your darkest deeds to
How dearly I wish I could give this to you

In through those shamed shells, those shackles of slander
Past all of the hate, the pain and the rue
Through withering gates, the gardens of pity
How dearly I wish I could give this to you

Open! Open! Twist not in your tomb!
Deliverance! Wind! They can be yours too!
Take down your walls and fear not! Look!
Salvation is waiting, We give this to you

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The skirt-lift that speaks ~ Railgun 12


  1. Oh, what’s this?! A poem about (a girl) discrimination and the hopefulness that you can help said person. I like it, the message is fairly clear and couplets are always pretty fund. I have to ask though what is it inspired by?

  2. Jason "moofang"

    Well it isn’t exactly about discrimination – more along the lines of helpless sorrow for the kind of negativity, hate and cynicism that twists into itself over and over inside of some people, and desire to be able to somehow reach past that death knot to the suffering soul within. Ok, that was a cheesy articulation, but it’s hard to explain xD That’s why I wrote it in poetry.

    As for what inspired it, well, half of it is sort of personal and probably inappropriate here (no it ain’t a girl :P ), and the other half is the end of Railgun 12. I liked the ending incredibly and this piece is in part inspired by a desire to be able to somehow share the thoughts and feelings I felt with people who could really, really use it – if I could only get to them.

  3. Understandable and it’s a nice sentiment put into rhythmic words :).

  4. Jason "moofang"

    Thanks :)

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