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Anisong: Vidro Moyou

Here’s a nice little anisong post while I continue working towards my next editorial, on KnK 04 (finally!). I’m trying to get into a regular-ish posting schedule with the high-effort, high-time editorials punctuated by stuff like these. I know that similar attempts have spectacularly crashed and burned in the past, but hey, no harm in one more try :)

This is a pretty nice song, possibly my favorite in its season. Vidro Moyou felt like an essential component of the overall mood and style projected by NatsuMachi (Ano Natsu de Matteru), and its wistful, relaxed yet melancholic tune really contributed to the sunny, rainy, adolescent feel of the show. NatsuMachi tended to end its episodes on slight cliff-hangers, and Vidro Moyou, ever dreamy, ever contemplatory, was always a great tune over which one could lightly reflect on the going-ons of the show. Some EDs are great like that – they almost become an extension of the show itself, and contribute directly to its appreciation. The lyrics are pretty nice too. It’s a little difficult to translate, but I’m fairly happy with my version.

As usual, hit the jump for lyrics, translations, and a pic. Also, hit F8 to hear the song while it’s up. Enjoy :)


sagashite ita suki ni naru riyuu o
motto morashii kotoba da toka

kizuita toki ito wa motsureatte
katamusubi ga hidoku natteta

tamerawanai de ieta no nara

kimi wa mou nakanai no

kumo no katachi tsukinukeru omoi no shoudou egaku
tadayou manatsu no kaori ni nando mo omoidashiteru
dareka fureta kiseki dake
yuudachi no you ni potsuri to iro ga shimidashite ita

RENZU goshi ni nagameteta sekai wa
taningoto no you ni utsuri

nakushite ita kimochi o shitta toki
bokura no jikan ugokidashita

hakari ni kakeru koi no shitsuryou

doushitatte tsuriawanai

sora no katachi yakitsukeru
gin no mukou made
hizashi no mabushisa ondo mo nokorazu zenbu hoshii
dareka aruita michi ni dake tsuzuiteku hikari
GARASU ni hansha shite furisosogu

kotae o dashita sono saki ni
donna mirai ga tsuzuite mo
suki da to iitai
kimi ni suki to iitai

tashika ni atta ano natsu o
osanai kioku o
tojikome tooku umi e to tobasou


I’ve been searching for the reason I came to like you
Some believable words, perhaps

By the time I realized it, the thread had become entangled
And the knots had become unworkable

If I had said: don’t hesitate

Will you no longer cry

I sketch the impulses in my feelings, piercing the shape of the clouds
In the drifting midsummer fragrance, I remember them again and again
Only footsteps touched by someone else
Are stained with falling colors, like an evening shower

The world I see across the lens
Feels like someone else’s world

As I came to know these lost feelings
Our time moved

These weights of infatuation, placed upon a scale

Wouldn’t balance, no matter what we do

I sear onto my mind the shape of the sky
All the way to the edge of the milky way
The radiance, the temperature of the sunlight, I want all of it without remain
The light that only continues upon the road where someone walked
Pours down, and reflect off glass

No matter what kind of future would follow
Beyond your given answer
I want to say I love you
I want to say I love you to you

That summer that truly was –
My childhood memories –
I seal them away. I could fly away into the distant ocean.

Romaji Lyrics taken from Gendou’s Anime Music.
Translation by me, adapted from translations from and Gendou’s Anime Music.

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  1. Bob Bobertson

    Hmm… this is really nice and relaxing, the perfect song after spending an age fiddling with technical issues and wrestling with my own stupidity like its a ten headed hydra. Though it is from yet another anime that I still have yet to watch, gotta set aside some time…

    Oh! I really like how you analyze (?) things, it’s really interesting to read as I never really notice how ED’s and the like actually tie in to the show itself, usually it’s just two catchy songs separated by 24 (or so) minutes. Gotta pay more attention…

    • Jason "moofang"

      Well they don’t always work that way, but I’ve cultivated a habit of sitting through OPs and EDs at least every once in awhile and when I like an OP/ED enough I sit through it every episode. It’s worth it sometimes I think. Some shows seem to put real thought into the songs and then it becomes part of the experience of the show. Haruhi’s ‘Bouken Desho Desho’ comes to mind.

      I totally empathized with the ten headed hydra part btw :)

  2. Yay, new anisong!

    Thanks for reminding me of this song, it is a good one – and it really did fit the anime quite well.

    I really need more relaxing and beautiful music in my life. One does not simply UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ into Mordor, after all.

    • Jason "moofang"

      O hai! Haven’t seen you around for awhile :P

      It’s kinda hard to find good songs. The stuff on radio nowadays don’t seem very palatable. I’ve been filling my playlists from an odd assortment of sources nowadays, from my brothers’ heavy metal songs to random idolm@ster bits from youtube to songs they play in the breaks between GSL matches…

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