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The Lazy Cosfest 2012 Post

Lazy because after having attended and covered this several times over, there really isn’t too much more to say about Cosfest. It’s the same old, same old cute and cozy cosplay event at the same out-the-way but pretty nice location at Downtown East. So we went down, and we photoogled, and I’m just gonna let my iffy photos do most of the talking here.

We went down on Sunday evening this time round, and somehow it felt like the density of cosplayers and the level of cosplay elaborateness is a little thinner this time than the last. Maybe it’s because the cosplay meet was the day before. Also, we were cursed with an irritably hot sun that evening, even by local standards, and so the number of cosplayers languishing around the otherwise magnificent grass lawns were somewhat on the low side. There was also only one hall open that day, with the doujin booths ringing the periphery while the cosplayers and photographers frolick in the center.

There were still plenty of cosplayers though. If there’s one thing that’s special about Cosfest in my opinion, it’s the really high ratio of cosplayers amongst the throngs of people milling around the location. Every other person has a costume on of some sort. It’s really pretty nice and gives the event its almost unique air.

Anyway in comes lazy, semi-captioned spill of photos:

Where’re you going with that, miss Gasai?

So many claws and hidden knives and swords

Thought that was a pretty good Meat

Vocaloids never die

This guy’s got that look down pat

Yep, preeetty nice Meat

And we’re _still_ stuck on Don’t Say Lazy costumes

I learned about Relakkuma that day

Dem traps

Wow, that sword caught the sun. And Final Fantasy still very much in vogue

Probably the most convincing cosplay

It felt like at the end of the day the greatest damper on our spirits was that blasted sun and its insufferable heat. I hate the weather here more often than not. It was still fun, of course, and I did eventually leave the little place with a single tiny piece of loot. Yes, another… mousepad :P

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  1. looks like a fun con. you attended alone?
    btw, where are you from?
    our con is just like this but more slutty cosplayers with inaccurate costumes. XD

  2. Jason "moofang"

    Hi :) I’m living in Singapore atm and this is a Singaporean con. And I did go down with a pair of bros so not alone :P

    I guess more slutty is a good thing, as long as the girl-quality is good, but what am I saying x)

    • lol. but cosplay isn’t about seeing how slutty you can turn your costume.
      its all about accuracy.
      but can’t say i don’t attend to some boobs. XD
      i’m from the Philippines btw. XD

      • Jason "moofang"

        I guess that’s true, though sometimes I feel like the cosplayer is more important than the costume. Some people just have the right “feel” about portraying some characters, and they pull excellent cosplays in my book even if their costumes aren’t top-notch.

  3. Iso

    Darn, you went to cosfest too? We could’ve met up! haha

    • Jason "moofang"

      Haha I went down on Sunday evening though. I seem to recall either you or Hiromi saying that you’re going down Saturday?

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