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Holay I’m still alive? It turns out I am, and I got a tonne of things I wanna blog about but there are, well, things. The usual. I figured I desperately needed to get the ball rolling, and well… I always wanted to do one of these loot show-off posts, and this is the first time I’ve ever amassed anything close to a blog-post’s worth of stuff.

It turns out that I managed to make a pilgrimage to the holy soils of Akihabara, with the following spoils to show for it:

Still pretty meagre, compared to some of the other posts I’ve seen, but hey at least it filled up a photo! Moreover, it turns out that I spent a fair fortune on this stuff, 90% of which went to this little frikkin thing:

That’s the complete blu-ray set for Clannad After Story, second-hand even. Blu-ray anime cost like 2 bombs a limb and seven children. But yeah, I like Clannad after that much, and have always wanted to watch it in some semblance of quality above the embarassing TV-rips I had. So now I’ve got them in glorious 1080p. I hope you’re happy, says my wallet – a full 37k yen lighter.

I even bought a second-hand blu-ray drive because I couldn’t find the thing in DVD.

(Trivia: you basically cannot buy or find non-bootleg anime in my country, and it always costs an unreasonable amount to ship to SEA from any civilised part of the world. Thank God for fansubs)

Anyway as for the rest, they’re mostly cheap stuff, me being pretty broke after forking out for the blu-ray. There are 2 CD’s of doujin music (I didn’t even know they existed!), one being violin arrangements of Kanon songs and the other being a industrial/electronic-ish remix of Fate/Stay Night numbers. Pretty nice stuff.

The four booklets are 100-yen doujins. There’s a cute (non-erotic) yuri pairing short-story K-ON doujin, a weird Hatsune Miku one that involves getting married over a leek, an idolm@ster one that I got cause it was so thick (oh greed, but it was nice), and a semi-OOC doujin featuring Haruhi being really dere and some cute KyonxHaruhi (OTP!). I kinda regret not buying more really, as I went through them pretty quickly and they were quite enjoyable.

Finally there’s the two figures. My first, ever. They were pretty cheap, so I figured why not. The only ones I ever see on sale where I live are high-quality, cost-a-bomb kinds.

Of course, no one’s surprised I got Rei and Asuka. <3 <3 Rei and Asuka. I got a long-hair Haruhi for my brother too. And that's that! Akiba is a pretty big place. We ended up spending two afternoons and evenings there and my friend says we only got to some of the key places, lol. We also managed to catch the last of the sakura blooms in Kyoto, so it was all in all a good trip, though our legs nearly died.

Might try to save for another visit late in the year to maybe catch Eva 3.0 in theatres (ho ho ho). Figured that while I’m working sans a family I might as well try to do some travelling.

Till next time! Next time hopefully being sooner rather than later…

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  1. ZW

    Your level is low. High level players would just subsist on nothing but rice for a year to save up the money to buy more loot…..

    • Jason "moofang"

      Well, I do not exactly aspire to be “high level” :P And you’re one to talk. With the amount of monies you had you shoulda just brute-forced your Darth-Elizabeth out. You lack Otoko no Konjou!

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  3. Sally

    How much toys are?
    Jazzy: dolls figures and dvds.

  4. Sally

    Oh no is that the iMac boy AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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