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Hana no Android Gakuen 02-04 English Translated!

Yeap it’s done! Man this is quite a bit of work @_@ I even put more effort into the cleaning and presentation this time, so hopefully it looks decent. Anyway, translated strips below, enjoy :) Episode 01 was here btw.

Oh, anyone knows if there is/will be more, and where to camp for them? These four are all I have seen.

Like all Japanese manga, this should be read right to left, top to bottom.

Episode 2: The Melancholy of Sharp-chan

Notes: What’s that she’s drinking? And did Samu Sun-chan speed-grow out her hair or something?

Episode 3: What happens after

Notes: Apparently that last panel referred to how Sony Ericsson is going to become an, uh, Wholly owned subsidiary, according to Google Translate anyway, and may also undergo a name change.

Episode 4: ~Apple’s Side~

Notes: Those tree-people in the last panel are presumably coaches of, uh, Softbank club and au club (those are telcos in case you didn’t know). And what’s up with Samu Sun’s perpetually sparkly eyes @_@

Any that’s all I have. I’d be happy to translate more if I can find em.

Update: Apparently Docomo-chan’s twintails are held up by this. Also, holy Samu Sun-chan Android Beam.

Original (raw) strips taken from here and here.
Creative Commons License
These translations are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. Zhiwei

    The sparkly eyes are a reference to the galaxy brand.

  2. yossi cohen

    yeah the eyes are for the galaxy brand
    so as the big boobs for the big screen!!!(oh wait its a manga…) lol

  3. The Apple bits make me chuckle.

  4. Jason "moofang"

    @Zhiwei, yossi: hokay. She’s like so… sparkly. And her spacesuit getup O_O

    @dai1313: I wonder why Apple is the deadpan guy. You’d think some filthy rich ojou-sama who jumps in high-pitched outrage at every minute patent infringement would suit that estabilishment better lol.

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