Between Linux and Anime

Kind of like Schrodinger's Cat

Moving is in progress!

Guess who’s been trashed by his free hosting again and is finally coughing up?

EDIT: Somehow, I managed to lose my blog Theme, which I had spent hours customizing.

EDIT2: Oh well, let’s use this ancient theme for the time being.

Actually I kinda like this one. Maybe I’ll just pretty it up and smoothen the roughages and use it. Hmmmm

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  1. Lol, I remember this theme. Good times.

  2. At least you did not loose all your posts this time.

    But in the spirit of things, I am going to go make a backup of my blog.

  3. Jason "moofang"

    Lol yeah always a good idea, though your host is probably much less evil. I know I did a backup after seeing Dustin’s blog got hacked. Glad I did. Can’t believe I lost my theme though, think the backup died with my old ext hdd -_-

  4. Wait, Dustin’s blog got hacked? Oh no!

    The internet is a dangerous place!

    And yes, my host is probably the least evil one out there for anime blogging, as it is a community designed specifically for anime blogging.

    I am very happy and comfortable there along with the rest of us bloggers.

    Bonus points: it’s free.

  5. And Animeblogger and Dasaku are designed specifically for what?

  6. Very much the same function, indeed.

    I remember when I went out looking for hosting I went to check out dasaku but at the time I had a really dark and old CRT monitor and all the dark gray words were invisable to me.

    It was not until after I got hosting that I ended up selecting the words by coincidence and reading the rest of the site.

    Had I been able to read those words I would have probably ended up there instead of the KK. Reason being, I rather liked a few of the blogs on that network at the time.

  7. Jason "moofang"

    (ohnoes I even lost the custom comment “reply” buttons I wrote D: ) yeah Dustin got hacked, but now it just looks like the database is permanently down :(

    And for the record the reason I’ve been putting up with these atrocious free hosts is because a) I was a poor student b) I insist on getting a host wherein I can do as much of whatever the hell I want as possible :P

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