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Anisong: Maigo Sagashi

Or “Looking for a Lost Child”. As promised, this is Nanami’s song at the end of Katanagatari’s episode 7. Expectedly, the seemingly idyllic melody hides sorrowful lyrics, of death-seeking and final release. Very beautiful, very lonely song by Mai Nakahara, and the only song I heard this season that had a real chance against K-ON’s “No, Thank You”.

Anyway, it seems like official lyrics for the song has not been released yet, and the transcriptions I’ve found from fishing around vary slightly. I have chosen to use the one from here, which is the one my ear seems to agree with the most.

So here we go. As usual, hit F8 to hear the song while it’s up, and hit the jump for Romaji lyrics and translations – plus the usual bonus picture of course ;)


Oide dan dan dan
Kotae wo
Sugu ni oshiete ageru

Koko e dan dan dan
Subete wo kaesu

Yagate ton ton ton
Higeki mukaeru deshou
Yatto shizuka ni Yatto higan e to
Shizuka ni

Yami todokete Uta nadarete
Maigo no karada minai de ne

Yami tsure tsure Uta horebore to
Saigo ni
Dareka wo


Come to me dan dan dan
The answer..
I will swiftly teach it to you

Over here dan dan dan
I return everything to you

Before long ton ton ton
It opens
And we will greet tragedy, won’t we
At last, quietly, At last, towards the other shore

The darkness reaches, The song descends
Do not look upon the body of a lost child

The darkness draws, The song intoxicates, and
At the end
I was watching someone.

Romaji lyrics transcripted from Kanji lyrics here.
Translation by me, referencing subs by Mazui.

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  1. 00twilight00

    Great song, fantastic ending. Thanks for the lyrics! :)

    Now to wait for more Katanagatari…

  2. Amnesia

    Hi, thanks for the translation!
    Would you be so kind to translate the whole song? It’s killing me that I can understand most of it but still can’t really do a neat translation because I don’t know Japanese that well.. :’)

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