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If you’ve dropped by in the past day or so, you would likely have noted that my humble little blog had apparently run afoul of a couple of Syrian hackers. Yes, Between Linux and Anime was hacked, and all my hard-written posts and precious comments trashed. And I haven’t a clue why :( A random hit? Or could it be that I praised the iPad just a little too much? The truth is I don’t like the iPad either, my dear Syrians, so how bout you quit picking on poor and miserable little bloggers like myself, eh?

Anyway, thanks to the hosting fiasco that vaporised my old blog half a year ago, I have now become much more equipped to deal with disasters of this sort. This time I had a backup ready that had all my posts up to the “end of railgun” one, and the remaining two latests posts I managed to scrounge up from the depths of Google’s and my browser’s caches. So zero total post lost and minimal damage on that front. The comments front didn’t do so well though. Unfortunately, I was unable to salvage a good number of recent ones, in spite of my best efforts scouring the search engine page caches, so I’ll have to apologize if your comment is among the lost.

I hope that’s the last I’ll see of this in awhile :( Again – Dustin, RP, Keiri, and all the folks who had commented on my iPad post – I’ve seen and I appreciate your comments. Moushiwake Gozaimasen Deshita :(

Edit: somehow I managed to find all the comments to the iPad post on a Google cache, so those are restored! As best as I could anyway :)

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Anisong of the Season: Trust Me


B Gata H Kei


  1. That’s really sad. You have had no luck this year my friend. Fortunatley it looks like you only lost my comment on your Trust Me AniSong poat which was nothing to write home about. Darn those Syrian hackers.

  2. 22

    Any idea how it was done? What they get access to and what exactly did they do? Given your readership i think it’ll be interesting if you gave more details.

  3. Ha, you have the WORST luck. Seriously, someone probably slapped a “Kick Me” sign on your back and now you are feeling the pain. Having to go through all this trouble must suck.

    At least you were prepared and there were no fatalities. That’s always good.

    Just for the record: I am not Syrian.

  4. Jason "moofang"

    @ Dustin: I also lost a comment by Keiri and my reply thereto, as well as a comment by RP which preceded your Trust Me comment. Could’ve been worse, admittedly. Thanks for dropping by and for the sympathetic note :)

    @ 22: The screenshot more or less covers everything. They wiped out all my posts/comments and replaced it with one with their message.

    Unfortunately I have very little idea how they did it, and am currently without enough time to do detailed exploration/analysis. Here’s what I do know though: while cleaning up I noticed my WordPress admin password had changed, and there was also a new (distastefully named) WordPress user account added. My cpanel account and file hierarchy appears to be intact. So it could be that they managed to exploit a WordPress vulnerability (mine was not the latest version) to gain WordPress admin access, or they somehow managed to gain write access to my database, which would trivially allow them to gain WordPress admin access, among other things.

    @ dai1313: No shit :( wonder if someone is voodoo-ing me or something. And I know you’re not Syrian :P

    Oh well, good things come to those who wait! Men of faith will eventually find their day! Or at least that’s what I’d like to think. I even slapped on a new banner image with that theme :)

  5. NONO AND LARK!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t even begin to explain how much I approve of your Blog Banner right now. It’s an extraordinary amount!

  6. Jason "moofang"

    Haha I knew you’d approve! And here’s a heads up to you that I have in fact finished Diebuster, on the off chance that you’re still devouring walls ;)

  7. Sorry to hear about the trouble, Jason. It’s a good thing you have most of the content backed up. :)

    Wonder why they target your blog. Out of random fun (Hackers and crackers are usually like that anyway)? Or maybe the thrill of attacking a site run by an individual well versed in computing? I remember some of my friends from the sister department of computer science used to try hacking each other’s personal websites out of boredom, even the sites of fellow coursemates whom they’re not acquaintances with. It looked pretty nasty at times (especially when they bragged to the unknowing victims about having their sites and databases breached) but luckily they’re not the type who would maliciously violate the site’s content itself.

    No worries about my comment ^^. It’s only a little remark explaining some minor details about Mikoto’s railgun range (For those who are wondering why it has a range limited to 50m, quoted from the original works, it’s because the coin disintegrates within that range due to air resistance which didn’t happen with the giant mecha claw. Nothing directly related to her AIM field or Personal Reality; those two work differently ;) //Ends useless waffling from Keiri).

  8. Jason "moofang"

    Random fun seems most likely. Haha, if they were looking for thrills they’d be disappointed – my blog is no more secure than any other WordPress blog out there. Less even since I have a tendency to be lazy with upgrading. I use WordPress precisely because I want to leave the sticky security details to the WordPress devs. Still, I wonder how they found themselves on this site of all the wide internets…

    …I still suspect the iPad post. It might make sense, it being iPad “season” and all, for a hacker to go “Let’s hit someone today! Hmmm, how bout someone who wrote on iPad?” or something. Damn I should never have praised that evil Apple device :P

  9. “Still, I wonder how they found themselves on this site of all the wide internets…”

    A little random, but I’d buy a lottery ticket. -.-“

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