So I’ve been waiting for this and at long last it has happened – the N900 has become available for preorders via Nokia Singapore and Nokia Malaysia, as well as likely a number more Asian countries, a good few full months after its initial availability in the Europes and Americas. And with the tech market here already long-dominated by (very attractive) proprietary products, I can only say, Nokia, about damn time.

So I’ll very likely strive to acquire one. It is a geek device after all, and me being the geek I am I consider this quite the exciting piece of gadgetry – it runs the free Maemo OS, which is a Debian derivative, and sports all manner of really sweet geekery like root-access terminals and the venerable Apt. Of course, it is not only a geek-happy device – it is a pretty darn sexy little thing too.

Preorders in Singapore can be done via here, and in Malaysia via here.

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