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Slow/Choppy Kwin Effects in KDE SC 4.4.0?

Especially the ‘slide’ desktop switching effect? It may be because of oxygen’s new animations. These animations (like active-window glows that fade smoothly in and out of existence and window buttons that push in and out smoothly) are really awesome, but can be rather costly in terms of performance. So if you are feeling lag in kwin’s effects, try disabling them:

The problem solution would be to go to systemsettings, go to appearance and click configure on oxygen style, then uncheck “enable animations”, click ok, and then apply. The second thing which would give even better performance boost is to disable animated windec active/inactive transistions. Just unhide folders in dolphin ( alt+. ), go to .kde4 > share > config and open oxygenrc file. Find the “[Windeco]” line, and below it type: UseAnimations=false . Save file and then restart kwin by opening krunner (alt+f2) and typing “kwin -replace”. After that your effects will be smoother


Since the animations are really subtle, you don’t lose much in terms of user experience/aesthetic if you lose them. They are really quite pretty though (Nuno and co spent a lot of effort on them :) ) so keep and enjoy them if you can!

What does bug me is the fact that you can’t disable the window decoration animations via the configuration gui. I’ve filed a bug on it here.

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  1. OMG, thanks for this.
    It worked for me

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