Between Linux and Anime

Kind of like Schrodinger's Cat

Nanami Madobe? How about Rina Kusuda?

I guess, given the resonance of the news with the geek-otaku underpinnings of this blog, it’s high time I finally came out and said something about this chick:

Tsundere remark: W.. we have multi-touch support in KDE SC 4.4 too. J-Just so you know!

(Warning: this post may contain an unhealthy dose of nonsense)

What can I say? You know Microsoft really has something down the bullseye when even staunch Linux users like myself find themselves attacked by a stab of impotent desire.

(“Holy”, I remember Tsundere-remarking to a friend on first hearing the news “T-that is almost win!”)

Of course, as you’d expect of the great company, Madobe-tan only ever finds herself accommodated in top-of-the-line Ultimate editions, which through the eyes of a Linux user translates to casting down a small fortune in exchange for (inferior?) software we’ll only ever use 5% of the time – all for nothing but a little nana-tan desktop moe. The clarity of the realization only accentuates the pain.

Someone – Ubuntu-JA, anyone – should go replicate this on Linux. You know in fact It is completely trivial to replicate this on Linux – technically. I mean c’mon, a bunch of wallpapers and a custom sound theme? You want a window decoration theme to go with that? Oh, with some custom splash screens thrown in? Okay, we’ll need art. Time to go hunt for a competent doujin artist. I mean I’m sure ONE of them out there uses and likes Linux (right? right?). And ok, I guess the seiyuu bit is a little of a toughie. Someone should go kidnap Aya Hirano or something and convert her. We could then design a formidably moe Linux-tan that trumps all the existing inadequate versions, and record her a nice collection of matching sounds (Konata-style “Okaerinasai mase goshujin sama!” anyone?).

We could even think up a random clever name for her, to rival Nanami’s. Like Rina Kusuda or something (concatenate that to yield “Rinakusu-da” ie. “Linux-da”!!).

Ok nevermind, I phail at clever names :( It’s been a tiring day so I apologize if this post sounded a wee more retarded that usual.

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  1. Our programming does not permit us to acknowledge that any creature is superior to the Rinakutsu-san!!!

  2. Hehehe… Rina Kusuda… I like it!

    But as far as improving the currently existing Linux-tan, I think that the best thing that could happen is by giving her some PERSONALITY. I mean… 2000 is reliable, ME is a n00b… but Linux-tan has to cover many, many different persons(distributions) so it’s hard to decide on that.

    Oh, I saw that I made it on your blogroll. When I get around to it ill be certain to put you on mine!

  3. Jason "moofang"

    @ idyllictux: lol what’s up with “programming”? You coulda said our “nature” or something. Or better yet – our “wisdom”. Moar geekery iz bad fo Rina-chan.

    Damn I like the sound of that. Rina-chan. Reminds me of Slayers. Maybe we should forget Aya Hirano and capture Megumi Hayashibara instead.

    @ dai1313: Thanks :)

    Hmmm, I recall reading somewhere that Linux-tan has a strongly independant personality and is very adept at surviving on her own or something, which I thought is pretty accurate and catch-all even considering the insane number of distros out there. We could give her a ‘sports ace girl’ sort of demeanour and concoct dual-boot parody stories involving Rina-chan befriending mild-mannered XP-tan and protecting her from ‘invaders’, from ‘Dr Norton’ (yes I’ve seen the doujins) – and from Mac-tan’s derisive pokes.

    Damn, I wish I were a doujin artist ^^

  4. Hehhehe… I just had a funny thought.

    Rina Kusuda has dissociative identity disorder to represent all the different distributions… Yea, I know it’s a bad idea, but it sounded very funny to me at the time.

  5. Jason "moofang"

    Hey it isn’t! I like it :P Rina-chan goes to sleep as friendly and sociable Ubuntu to wake up as forbiddingly impassive Gentoo.

    “You obtain food [software] from some concrete block you call a supermarket [binary installer/package manager]? How crude!”

    *shoots a rabbit [obtain source], starts a fire [./configure], roasts rabbit [sudo make install]*

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