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Anisong: Smile Again

I’m going out on a trip with my family soon, so this shall be the final post of the year ;) I’ve been playing with the idea of putting up something Christmas-themed, but never found anything quite suitable. Well, this is one’s still pretty close, I think.

Here’s another song from Aria, the second ED to Aria the Natural – the second season. In spite of what the lyrics say, I find the song happily suggestive of a cozy, sleepy winter’s night, though being a creature of the tropics I can’t say I’m all that confident about how accurate that impression is :P

In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy this one. The lyrics are nothing noteworthy, but the tune is as sweet and as calming as the series it graces. As always, hit F8 to play the song, and I have romaji lyrics, translations, and a picture after the jump.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Between Linux and Anime!


Sariyuku natsu no hi omoi wo yosete tsudou barukonii
Minamo ni kirameku kaze no gondora ima suberidasu

Nagareru toki no kawa de meguri aeta hito

Ima yozora wo kogashite kagayaku natsu no yo no yume
Wasurenaide Smile Again itsumademo


I gather the memories of the passing summer’s day upon the balcony
Glimmering upon the water’s surface, the gondola of the winds takes off

That person I met upon the flowing river of time

Burning the night sky, that radiant midsummer night’s dream
Never forget to Smile Again, always.

Romaji lyrics from Gendou’s Anime Music
Translations by me referencing subs by Hikari no Kiseki.

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ARIA ~ Meeting, Miracles, and Embarassing Remarks




  1. Aw that’s really pretty!
    And from someone who is not a creature of the tropics, I can say that if I hadn’t read that translation I would have thought the same thing. Merry Christmas to you too! ^^

  2. Merry Christmas Jason! I went ahead and posted my Christmas Post too since you’re going on a trip :). It’s been a great year reading your blogs (even though it went kuputz for a bit). Thanks for always stopping by Yin no Piano and I hope to read many more of your posts in the new year. What a fun song :)!

  3. And your quote is too awesome (Thanks)! Prepare to be spoiled: I got my Christmas present a day early, I thumbed through the Raw and she lives 8D!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas!! (& I like the song, it’s nice (and I got to listen to it on my brand new KICKASS speakers, hehehe))

  5. Happy New Year!

  6. Jason "moofang"

    Thanks loads for the wishes guys! Hope all of you had an awesome Christmas and New Year yourselves!

    @ shadowahimsa: Thanks :P Nice to know my winter senses aren’t warped. Glad you liked it!

    @ Dustin: lol hurray Yin! o/ Haha it’s been great fun reading your posts too and thank you too for always reading mine so I don’t feel like I’m writing to a wall or something :P

    @ dai1313: lol gratz on your new speakers! I’d like some too, but oh well, I got me a pair of new earphones, so I guess that isn’t half bad either :)

  7. rh

    Happy new year Jason!!!
    Hahaa I wanted to congratulate you for having your name up on the list of contributor for the freeware (forgot the name cause I don’t really know what it is =p) :)
    Jiayou!! I think you’re a great person :D Take care!

  8. Jason "moofang"

    @ rh: Thanks a lot and a very happy new year to you too! If you would forgive me for being a little nitpicky, I cannot help feeling the need to point out that Thunderbird isn’t freeware. Freeware is software that is free only in terms of charge, whereas Free Software is focused on freedom in the sense that it is completely given to you with no hidden costs and you are free to do anything you like to it, including modify and redistribute it.

    Ok, pardon the geek talk :roll: I really appreciate the complement and encouragement by the way. Take care yourself too!

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