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Your Nokia N9 Mail Client Stopped Working?

Just a quick pen-down to give this more Google visibility. Here’s what you can try if your N9’s default email client stopped working.


  • No new mail, ever
  • Telling it to sync/refresh takes forever, and nothing gets done
  • Emails don’t get sent out, takes forever and nothing happens
  • Removing and re-adding the mail account doesn’t help

Long story short, your QMF database (presumably the database used to store mail data) may be corrupted. Fortunately, fixing is easy:

  • delete the database – Use your terminal app to run this:
    rm -rf /home/user/.qmf
  • then reboot your phone.

The client will simply refetch your mails and rebuild the database, and the world is sunny again.


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  1. Thank you for this info. I have been cussing at the email client on my N9 after the latest update from Nokia. Deleting spam did not delete the email but required a reboot of the device before I could once again receive emails. Moving messages to a different folder would also sometimes result in the same behavior as deleting messages. Now it seems to work well again and I am happy.

  2. moosiqpipl ((qp))

    Problem solved :-) Thanks a lot.

    Nokia N9 rulez!

  3. Jason Howcroft

    Wow, Thanks for the tip it worked great

    Thanks again.

  4. Kyanie

    Thanks a lot. It works! I still get the message “Failed to connect to server” for yahoo though but it appears after it retrieves all the latest email from my accounts so that’s fine I think.

  5. John Forbes

    Thanks a span! :-) It hasn’t only resolved the problem of not being able to do a mass deletion of email but also solved the problem of when opening email, it went into an automatic reply mode waiting for text input.

    For non initiates with a Nokia N9 perhaps they need to be told how to open a “non-existent” terminal app. Being one of those I found it on the webpage:

    Best wishes and thanks again,

  6. Thao Nguyen

    Help me, plese ! I run the code, reboot the phone and all my data (galaries, video, music, documents, backups….) deleted. OMG, i can’t access facebook, email anymore too. Anybody help me !

  7. Nilesh

    You are a genius mate!

  8. ŁukaszPL

    Thank you, man!

  9. N9er

    Fantastic! Excellent solution. Thank you shoot much!

  10. Gerard

    Top ! Solve my problem with 2 N9’s thanks for sharing.
    I used a file manager with nice interface, change the folder name, reboot phone, delete folder

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