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A New Theme and a Christmas Anisong!

And so not to be out-awesomed and outdone by Eri Uri, I have also decided to give my blog a makeover!

Hamzou says Not Bad

Oh who am I kidding, the new Neonovic has got more bells and whistles and tinkerdust than a confetti-showered parade of Christmas trees, well beyond anything I can hope to match, especially in a day (and yes, that means it’s awesome and you should click through to check it out, even if the last post was dated October). So what’s up with the makeover then? What was wrong with the old theme? What’s awesome about the new? Nothing and nothing much, really. The old one’s just been alive for far too long, and the yellow-orange motif was beginning to look like withering parchment to me, and so I decided, having recently returned from snow-covered Hokkaido, to switch into a cozy dash of white and blue. And so et voila. Everything is pretty much arranged to work like the old theme, except I finally caved and decided to support threaded comments. Hope the new look is a breath of fresh air though. I at the very least find it quite pleasant, and seasonally apt too. Of course, little teething problems and issues might still lurk around little dark corners, so if something breaks or misbehaves, just drop me a comment.

Anyway, it’s nearly Christmastime! And with it becoming increasingly clear that my next editorial isn’t going to make the next two days, I did the next best thing – I wrote this post :P Well, I guess an Anisong post is kinda better in the way of a season greeting anyway. Here’s “Attaka na Yuki“, or “Warm Snow”, which was a Christmas-episode insert song by Miki, Yayoi and the Futami twins in the Idolmaster anime. Now that’s a show I’ve been enjoying somewhat more than I expected to. In a sense the Idolmaster anime is somewhat like Christmas. There’s plenty to complain about if you’re set on complaining. Strawman villains, moe-mongering, manufactured drama, just like how the cynics would tell you Christmas is a capitalistic farce where the name of the game is to tell your loved ones you love them by spending lots of money. But just as Christmas is also (is more, I’d argue) about giving, about sharing and cheer; you could say the Idolmaster is really about the cocktail of positive themes that form the core of its storytelling: positivity within adversity, pursuit of a dream, comradeship, and danketsu, as Keiri would put it. And while there are points in which things get a little contrived, and points where more tender loving care for character development could be desired, they are counter-balanced by the handful of moments where the show manages to hit strong, evocative highs. All in all it’s a pretty enjoyable watch, and the long history of the franchise also translates into a lot of depth in terms of inside jokes and fun little seiyuu intrigue, but I’ll refer you to Keiri-the-veteran’s blog for more of that.

As for here, as usual, you can hit the jump for romaji lyrics, translations, and a picture, and hit the F8 key to listen to the song while it’s up. Hope you folks had a great year, and enjoy Attaka na Yuki.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Between Linux and Anime!

(PS: Speaking of the Idolmaster…)

Spoilered Show


Attaka na yuki wa
hitori hitori no kimochi
kokoro kara wa kokore he to
watashi kara wa anata he

fuwa fuwa
furidasu shiroi yuki
ryou te wo utsuwa ni shite
hitotsu tsukanda
fure tara
tsumetai shiroi iki
anata wa waratte
te nigitte kureta

yasashii nukumori
tebukuro mitai da ne
yuki wa tokete kieta

samui fuyu dakara
zutto issho ni iyou
nagai fuyu dakara
motto yorisoi aou
soba ni ireru yorokobi
deaete attakai

attaka na yuki wa
samui fuyu no kurimono
attaka na yuki wa
hitori hitori no kimochi
kokoro kara wa kokore he
watashi wa anata he to

Holy winter season
Twinkle winter season
Holy winter season
sei naru ima
Twinkle winter season
saa sachiare


The warm snow
Are each individual feelings
From a heart to a heart
From me to you

Soft and light
The falling white snow
I cupped my hands
and caught hold of one
As I touched it
There was a cold breath of white
You were laughing
And took hold of my hand

The gentle warmth
Is like a mitten isn’t it
The snow melted, and was gone

It’s a cold winter, so
Stay together with me
It’s a long winter, so
Snuggle closer with me
This joy of being together
Meeting is so warm

The warm snow
Are a cold winter’s gift
The warm snow
Are each individual feelings
From a heart to a heart
From me to you

Holy winter season
Twinkle winter season
Holy winter season
This sacred moment
Twinkle winter season
And best wishes to you!

Romaji Lyrics transcribed from Kanji here.
Translation by me, referencing subs by Chibiki.

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  1. The theme looks nice and clean, but did you pay for it? It looks like all the themes on this guy’s website are pay-to-use themes.

    I dropped im@s a while back due to not having enough time to watch stuff, but I plan to finish it up later. I technically have free time now, but I want nothing more than to laze around. Let’s hope it does not get added to my ever growing backlog. I enjoyed it enough when I was keeping up with it.

    And have a very merry Christmas, even though Christmas is still feels a little while away.

    • Jason "moofang"

      But Christmas is tomorrow! lol

      Nope, didn’t pay, I got it via the wordpress theme installer, and modded it from there. And yeah, I totally understand the need to laze haha. Imas gets pretty good near the end though, so it’s probably worth finishing it if you’ve started it.

  2. LOL I think all I do are either rant like a grandma without her arthritis meds or gush like some incoherent, delusional fangirl when it comes to blogging about iM@S. I’m an embarrassment to the other real veterans. But nonetheless, I really appreciate the plug! :D

    And oh? You went to Hokkaido? Cool! I went there in summer this year. Yeah, totally the wrong season but it was all for the iM@S live in Sapporo. Next time I should go in winter for the snow. Hope you got to try some Shiroi Koibito for yourself? They’re divine if you like (white) chocolates. ;)

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you too and warm wishes for the holiday season!

    Now it’s time for me to get back to steamrolling and wrapping up my reviews for the remaining two episodes of iM@S. Gao. @_@

    • Jason "moofang"

      Thanks and yeah I was just reading your “Shiroi Koibito pretend” post. I have indeed obtained some for myself and they are indeed quite divine ^^ I hear Hokkaido is quite pretty in summer though, all covered in Lavenders or something.

      LOL I think all I do are either rant like a grandma without her arthritis meds or gush like some incoherent, delusional fangirl when it comes to blogging about iM@S.

      Hey I feel like that while writing eva posts too ^^; Don’t put yourself down though, your im@s posts are awesome, and all your extra seiyuu tidbits really add to appreciating the show.

  3. Iso

    Wow, I think your new theme looks great! Merry (Belated) Christmas! :D

    I was initially gonna ask where could I listen to the song until I noticed the player in your right sidebar lol.

    • Jason "moofang"

      Thanks and merry belated Christmas to you too! Though “happy new year” is probably nearer the mark at this point :P

      You should be able to just hit the F8 key on your keyboard as well, as long as your browser supports Javascript. It should toggle the player to play/stop.

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