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The old Unicorn doodle again

With my laptop’s screen problems preventing me from using it during lecture, my old in-lecture doodling habits have gradually begun to resurface. Did a doodle that I’m pretty happy with today, and since we haven’t had any of those here since my blog revived, I decided to just post this one.

It takes up more space than I’d like it to, so I’ll put it after the jump.

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Summer Wars is showing in Singapore NOW!!! D:


Plasmate 0.1 alpha2 Screencast!


  1. *jaw dropping* Can I take drawing classes from you, sensei?

  2. Lookin’ good there!

    I have a doodle problem in lectures too.

  3. Jason "moofang"

    Hehe, I’m only ever good with weird stuff like unicorns though.

    I have a doodle problem in lectures too.

    I don’t really consider it a problem ;)

  4. Part of getting the creative juices flowing. :p

    But that’s really good!
    Have a background in art? :)

    No? That makes it even more awesome…

  5. Zhiwei

    Reminds me of Gundam Unicorn. Hmm…gaint robots…gd stuff…

  6. Jason "moofang"

    @ blur: Thanks :) I.. am not sure what would qualify as a background in art. I had art classes and stuff in school, and I used to doodle as a past time when I was young. Not doing much of that anymore nowadays, my brothers have all surpassed me in drawing abilities :)

    Oh and thanks for restoring my comments at your place. Somehow the IP where I currently live appears to have gotten on Akismet’s wrong side..

    @ Zhiwei: What giant robot, its a graceful mystical creature! Don’t bring mecha into this :P

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