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Anisong: Musuhi no Toki

Whew! Been bogged down with work thanks to my making the age-old mistake of overpopulating my todo list just because it’s holidays. I gotta remember that my work efficiency actually decreases during Chinese New Year due to all the customary hometown visiting and what not. And then there’s that insane, unspeakably hot weather.

So anyway, while I sort through my own stuff and strive to deal with the remaining work (as well as squish the backlogs that have taken the opportunity to pull a full-fledged resurrection), here is an anisong for you in the meantime!

Kannagi’s Musuhi no Toki had been somewhat overshadowed during the show’s broadcast by the really catchy OP as well as the general hilarity and win-barrage that defined the series, but I think it is really quite the lovely, soothing song. It can be nice to listen to songs like these every now and then, to sort of slow us down a little, and perhaps increase our relish for life :)

So! Without further ado, here is Musuhi no Toki, ED to Kannagi, and, as I just found out, performed by Haruka Tomatsu herself! As always, hit F8 to play the song while it’s up, and hit the jump for a pic, lyrics, and translations. Enjoy!


amatsukami kunitsukami yaoyorozu no kamitachi tomo ni
kikoshimese, tsumi to ifu tsumi ha araji to
takayama no ihori hikiyama no ihori wo kakiwake
kikoshimesamu, tsumi to ifu tsumi ha araji to

nahoki magokoro mochite michi ni tagafu koto naku

itoshi itoshi waga ko yo
sukoyaka naru inochi wo tomo ni chikaishi mori ni
yasuragi tamae
nagi tamae
towa no toki wo kizamu mori ni


The gods of the skies, the gods of the lands, together with all the many gods,
Please listen; all sins shall be forgiven.
The clouds of the high mountains, the fog of the low mountains, breaking through the fog,
They listen, all sins shall be forgiven.

Hold an upright, true heart, stray not from your path

Beloved, beloved, my dear child,
In the forest where we pledged a life of health
Seek peace,
Seek harmony,
In the forest engraved upon time eternal

Romaji Lyrics from Gendou’s Anime Music.
Translation adapted from Gendou Anime Music.

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  1. I always liked this song, but since I watched this anime entirely on my iPod and I did the crappy file conversions myself and had crappy headphones at the time I guess I never got the full meal deal.

    I think the beginning in particular is the best part.

  2. Jason "moofang"

    Yeah it’s a pretty great song, though I always thought it was a little out of place because the episodes were usually so funny. Then you get this jolt when a final hilarious scene (think Daitetsu vs Nagi in fighting poses) dissolves into such a mystical ED :P

  3. For some unintelligible reason, I always find myself hypocritically poking fun at Tomatsu Haruka’s singing (Yeah, she can’t sing…unless she’s singing non-seriously and in-character which she’s W1N in), though that doesn’t mean I dislike her songs. “Musuhi no Toki” is one of her performances which I actually really like for its slow and haunting melody, so much so that I wish she would try out this kind of genre every now and then instead of the fast pop tracks she’s so accustomed to now. She’s pretty much bleeeeh in them, in a semi-good way. :p

  4. Jason "moofang"

    Haha I had no idea she was bad with fast tracks. I think this is like one of only two songs (the other being the OP) that I’ve ever heard Haruka Tomatsu sing. I thought the OP was pretty great too though.

    While I can certainly not vouch for her singing, I do on the other hand have a pretty good impression of her as a seiyuu. I thought she did an awesome job with some of the roles she had: Nagi, Lala, the Kirishima twins, Yun yun…

  5. I wrote a comment on this earlier, but your site went down before I hit submit comment. I didn’t remember to recomment when it came back up!

    Haruka was so defining in the role of Lala. Her voice is just so darn memorable. Then again the To Love-Ru adaptation in general was pretty bad, but who could forget Forever we Can Make It (I certainly can’t).

    I liked this song as well, it’s one of few ED’s that I sat through more than once. Thanks for sharing. (Don’t eat this comment Baka host)

  6. Jason "moofang"

    I wrote a comment on this earlier, but your site went down before I hit submit comment.

    Gomenasai Gomenasai :(

    Yeah Lala was what first made me take notice of Haruka. Now I hear her voice even when reading the manga. Speaking of her I just found out that she also did the sora no woto ED, which felt meh at first but has been inexplicably and steadily growing on me :O

    Thanks for recommenting though :)

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