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Orange Wind

*quivering sigh* Leave it to Aria to paint that moving picture of the impossibly rare, and the indescribably amazing.

Here’s to your miracle, and to mine. May we know to relish it when our time comes.

(yes, I just got to this episode. :) )

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So-Ra-No-Wo-To and Baka to Test to Shokanjuu ~ 02




  1. A heart melting scene indeed..

    One of those episodes where upon finishing makes you want to just scream your hearts out. :)

  2. Jason "moofang"

    No kidding, I was just blown away, so much that I felt like if I didn’t post SOMETHING about it I’d explode :)

    Sigh, I’m soooo reluctant to finish this show. I wish I was still at Season 2 or something.

  3. This is undeniably one of my favorite moments in the entire ARIA franchise. I won’t deny that tears actually flowed from my eyes when I watched that scene. I tend to be a sap sometimes but I can’t help it. It was that beautiful. :)

  4. Jason "moofang"

    Being a sap has nothing to do with it :) Even manly men will find their breath stolen from their subdued lips. Or so I’d like to think since I was myself reduced to the following un-manly state:

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