With chill and wonder in my bone
I sought to sense the magic there

I am Lim Yuen Hoe (林元豪)

You can call me Jason

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Quick Bio

Programmer, Christian, FOSS advocate, Quasi-otaku, KDE supporting member.

I'm a Malaysian national, ethnically Chinese, and I'm normally found hanging about KL or in Singapore - and occassionally Tokyo. I also commonly go by online handles "moofang" and "Jasonmoofang".


My primary competency is as a Web Engineer. I am Co-Founder and CTO of MomoCentral.com, where we're working on transforming the face of tech contractual work.

I also have a minor background in networking research, and a brief but wonderful history of working on Free Software.


I relish reading, and read frequently on interests such as - aside from coding and computers: Theoretical Physics, Philosophy, Religion, and Poetry. I am a fan of Anime, as well as competitive computer games like Starcraft 2 and Dota 2. I also play the piano - casually but passionately.

I feel an uncanny and incessant nudge on my back to write, and am trying to find a place for my voice and pen.

I enjoy the outdoors when the weather is cool and make frequent trips to Tokyo in order to escape the sweltering tropics - climbing mountains, and recently even camping.

"For poetry too is a little incarnation, giving body to what had been before invisible and inaudible." - CS Lewis

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Emailling is recommended. You may contact me at

For work/company related correspondence, you may drop us a line at MomoCentral.com and it's pretty much guaranteed to reach me as well.

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Between Linux and Anime - my pretty-much-defunct old anime/tech blog

Pen and Blood - my new repository of essays and writings

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MomoCentral.com - my company: better tech freelancing, less pain

My Openhub - brief summary of my FOSS code contributions

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